Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Inspiration comes in many forms and yesterday my brother blew me away with his beautiful poem- (see post).

 I have also had the JOY of sharing a few days with an inpirational lady, my friend Darlene.  I met Darlene through her blog 'My Life for a year' and have followed her journey.  Getting to know someone who walks her talk and gives so willingly of her experiences and her knowledge is such a great blessing in my life.

When Darlene told me she was coming to Australia, I was so excited that we might meet in person and having her stay with me for the past few days has enriched my life.  Her genuine love and open kindness is such a gift to all and I know that as she journeys back to Canada, she will be embarking on a path that will bless and teach all that she comes into contact with.

Thank you to both of you (Ian, my brother and Darlene, my friend) for 'inspiring' me.

I have written a poem called 'Healing in Light' - it is in the form of a Ghazal (an old persian style of poetry, that has strict rules and forms, with repetition and rhyme. Also required at the end is a signature of the author - can you spot my last name Adair in the final couplet.)  Hope it inspires YOU!

Healing in Light
Stepping out of darkness, escaping the pain—healing in light
Wanting to know more, needing to gain—healing in light
Years of anger, years of hate, years of yearning, years to date
 Learning now with courage it’s time to abstain—healing in light

Fear will conquer all, in the darkness of the night, bring out the candle
Bring out the light, and face the mirror image of the refrain—healing in light
Sing out loud, sing off-key or in tune, sing a song, sing the rune
Hear the music, hear the spirit, sing and stay sane —healing in light

Ghosts of past will dissipate, you’ll learn to trust and love, flying high in Spirit
with Angels and with Doves. Faces marked with tearstain—healing in light
Add your dreams and wishes; air your goals out loud
Shout and call, complain and feign or—heal in light.


Davine said...

Beautiful Poem Beverly

Michelle said...

Amazing ... thank you for sharing, Beverly. :)

Mom said...

Beautiful poem Beverly, struggled a bit with the font size especially at the ripe old age of almost 69.
Keep up the good work

Mark Tullett said...

Wonderful Beverly- Thank you.