Friday, March 15, 2013

Celebrating love and longevity

Celebrating 24 years of love.

Today Ivan and I are celebrating 24th wedding anniversary. 

To find your soul mate is a gift that many seek and few find, but I found mine in Ivan. We started our married life under a few clouds, in fact in the middle of a major thunderstorm, but the rainbows were always peeping through.  We shared our downs together, always standing by each other and celebrated our ups with love and joy. 

In these 24 years, we have lived on three continents, had three wonderful children, lost three little babies who weren't meant to be and have owned three houses. We have loved, laughed and cried through all of these experiences and together have always found a way to say I love you.

I never said the word 'obey' in my vows and we have always laughed about that - Ivan has given me the gift of never asking me to, the freedom to walk my own path and the trust to know that together we will choose the right way for us. 

I did say the word honour and I honour this man.  He is my life and my love and I know that I am his Angel. 

We have looked after each other in health, and in minor bouts of sickness - but as this last 9 months has challenged us - I have learnt the value and gift of being loved in sickness.  My Ivan asks nothing of me, except to get better, so we may share the rest of our lives together. 

For the man that I love - I say thank you - thank you for 24 years ago - taking a chance and marrying me and for today - loving me more than you did then. 

I Love You Ivan and always will.
Happy Anniversary. 


Red said...

Happy anniversary to you.
A well said tribute to Ivan.
I wish you many more years of wedded bliss and that your health comes back to normal.

Beverly said...

Thanks Red,
For your wishes - my health is going to be good - I just know it.

mom said...

It certainly was a wonderful day that you and Ivan married, you gave Dad and I the joy of sharing this moment with you, even though Dad suggested taking you both the Wimpy Bar (to those that are not sure about that, take it as perhaps a MacDonald) You have given us so much joy as you have gone from strength to strength in your love for each other. As a Mom, I could never have wished for a better son in law as a husband for our daughter and a father to our grandchildren. His strength during the past few months has been a rock for you, and we hope to be around most certainly for your Silver Anniversary, not sure we can hang around long enough for your golden one, however as you say we will outlive all of you. Some days not sure of that, but we both love you and Ivan so much.