Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Eight Hours and whose counting?

Today I have managed to be up for six hours.  I woke feeling a little better after taking my healing into my own hands last night.  I could do no more and took a strong anti-nausea and skipped my dose of Xeloda - don't tell my oncologist.  Result was that this morning I woke feeling partially human again.

I immediately, took another anti-nausea and my morning dose of Xeloda, so am not really messing with things too much.

I then let the dogs out and fed them and watched the morning show for a while, getting up around 7 pm.  I did three loads of washing, was sensible in that I used the tumble dryer and hangers, rather than attempting the washing line. I also packed the dishwasher.  All chores that were so easy and part of my regular day I wouldn't even have counted them a few months back.  Today they felt like great achievements.

With Sarah unwell ( a head cold) I kept her away from me, but enjoyed having the company around the house. I brushed the cats and did some computer work. It felt really good.  I managed to eat something for lunch and finally around 1 pm succumbed to a short nap. Around 3 pm I woke and found Elizabeth and Matthew returned from university.  We did a family tidy up and then they changed my bed-linen for me. So I headed for a lovely hot bath.

I have discovered another side-effect that is bugging me and that is the skin on my feet is peeling, so sleeping in a bed with more skin in than on my body is not my favourite activity.  The good news is I am clean, my bed is clean, the washing is clean and with the children's house the floors are clean.

Cleanliness is becoming an obsession to counteract the poison of the chemotherapy and today being able to participate in the cleaning myself - I feel as though I have achieved a huge step.

Joy of being out of bed for over eight hours - Pure Bliss!


Red said...

You will get there and feel better. You don't have to do chemo the est of your life.

Mom said...

Wow Red has said the best thing for all of us to think about, especially you, it will not be like this for the rest of your life, hang in there sweetheart, during the good days try and do something really lovely, spoil yourself by not having anything specific but make the hours fun with whatever takes your fancy. We all love you so much.

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