Monday, February 18, 2013

A new beginning . . . and we are late!

Today Matthew begins his orientation week at university; with a couple of courses and tours to attend. Next week it is lectures, but today he goes to campus to find his way around.

He appeared looking so grown up and handsome - no school uniform.  Then he said something funny to Elizabeth who was taking him to the train station - "Come on Elizabeth, we are going to be late!"  Elizabeth burst out laughing, as for years, she has been nagging to get him up and ready for school and now he didn't want to be late.

 Of course I wanted a couple of photos, which made him even later . . . so he opted for a lift with Granny who was leaving a few seconds earlier.
 Wishing you an amazing year filled with learning, fun and friends and I hope you find a few special new friends to replace those you lost on that 'Death Star' - Great T-shirt Matthew.

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Red said...

A great day for everybody! Yes, there will be some apprehension on Andrew's part but that's just another experience down life's road. Much success to Andrew.