Monday, February 11, 2013

Visit from a friend

Today my lovely friend Sandy drove over to see me.  We had hoped to catch up together over the Christmas holidays, but with her trip away, school holiday activities, her visitors, our visitors and my treatments we didn't get a chance to see each other.

But, today she took the time to drive out and spend a couple of hours being with me and supporting me.  She also bought me a beautiful bunch of Proteas (flowers from my native South Africa) and found in Australia.  Her thoughtfulness and love and offers of help, makes times like this so much easier.

My Matthew made us tea, cut up the cake and served us well.  He also spent the morning doing chores; including the washing, watering the pot-plants for his Dad and trimming Bella who was in such a need of grooming.  It took him well over 2 hours, but he patiently used the clippers and scissors on her, so she is now clean and pretty again.  He also took the time to trim Max's face hair and give Greyson his medication.

My Mom has also been here, just as she always is - she took Sarah to school, picked up morning tea from the bakery, fetched Elizabeth from the train-station because she is early and fetched Sarah.

I know that without these wonderful people in my life, the burden of these months would be impossible to cope with.

This week, I will be undergoing my chemo-treatment, despite the gout. My oncologist doesn't want to delay. So I guess, it will be another round of just tucking that chin in, holding my head high and going through the days.

Friends and family are keeping me going and internet/email/facebook friends are making it special.  Thank you all - your place in my life is what keeps me strong.

Thank you.


Red said...

So when the going gets tough, the tough get going. That sounds like you with the challenges you face. All the best to you.

Beverly said...

Thanks Red - I am feeling a little less tough today, with another round ahead on Wednesday, but as they say - this too will pass.

Mom said...

Beverly you have got it all wrong !!, it is your sheer guts and determination to take you through these difficult times that I, and am sure all your friends, stand in awe of you, your smile lights up OUR days and YOUR courage makes us so proud to be your Mother and their friends. Hang in there, the treatments are slowly coming to an end.