Sunday, February 10, 2013

Get out - it can't be GOUT!

Of course it is GOUT!

 Monday - Wednesday I wasn't feeling my best so followed orders and rest up in bed for the three days.  I was very still, sleeping a lot. Finally, on Thursday I decided enough was enough and I got up.  The joint pain began almost immediately, first in my hip, then my knees, finally by Friday my left toe and ball of my foot were very sore.

Late Friday evening I phoned through to the oncology department, worried about a blood-clot as a side-effect from being so still and my chemo.  The doctor said the site and symptoms were atypical, but should come in on Saturday morning if it had not improved.

 Well after a sleepless night, we headed into the Wesley Emergency centre and within 20 minutes I had been seen by the doctor.  She looked at it and said "I think it is Gout!" - I almost fell off the bed.  Explaining that the chemo can make the kidney produce uric crystals, that lodge in the joints - it was likely. She ordered blood tests and an x-ray, both of which were inconclusive, but the symptoms were perfect.  All else on the blood tests were good. So within 2 hours I was on my way, with strong pain-killers to deal with the level 8/10 pain; steroids to destroy the crystals; anti-nausea drugs in case both of the above messed up my stomach and a pair of crutches.  Orders - keep the foot elevated and don't walk on it for at least 5 days.
 The jokes of course began immediately.  The doctor asked how much alcohol I drank.  Now given the fact that since July last year I have only had a single sip of wine on Christmas day and prior to that have barely drunk anything in the last 2 year - it was unbelievable.  Ivan has had a field day, teasing me that I have been into the Port. Sarah and Elizabeth, both told him they were hiding it from me and so it has gone on.  Still we have all had a good giggle.
So as I face just another little bump in the road, my treatment might have to be pushed back a week, from this Wednesday.  I will phone Dr Paul Vasey, my lovely oncologist on Monday and ask his advice, but for now I am chair-bound.

Been watching Lord of the Rings on our new TV & Blue-ray player, which is so perfect and of course updating Facebook and my blog.  Maybe, tomorrow, I will even get to work on my editing.


Mo said...

Goodness me, any excuse to sit on your behind. All jokes aside that is not even funny, to get blamed for drinking when you never drink, take it easy and your loyal servants will assist you.

Red said...

Gout is a nasty thing to deal with along with other challenges. You are taking it with a sense of humor and the people around you are making use of your situation to have fun.