Friday, February 8, 2013

No News

Is it possible to write and update a blog, when one does not have much news?

I guess it is, because that is what I am currently doing.

The past few days, almost a week have been slow.  I have felt unwell - Fatigued and suffering joint pain; I think the cumulative effects of the chemo are beginning to take effect and the fact that the first week of my three-week cycle I pushed myself really hard has meant that I have spent most of the past week asleep or resting in bed.  It feels like such a waste of a life, but I know at the moment I don't have any choice.

Anyway since my last post here are some news items.

Sarah started her new class at the Ipswich Young Theatricals on Wednesday evenings.  In pursuit of her acting dream it is going to be a great experience for her as well as lots of fun. She has also settled back into school, still 'hates' it; but is enjoying being treated as more of an adult.

Oh yes, Ivan and I treated ourselves to a new TV.   Ours was 8 years old, still analog, but working fine; so we had decided that it was just fine.  The problem arose when we bought ourselves a Blu-ray player to watch some of Elizabeth's new Blue-rays. We were going to use it in our room, but it seemed such a shame so we indulged in a BIG new digital TV. And have been loving it. We are currently working our way through Lord of the Rings - each evening; it is even better than when we saw it in the movies.
 They say that size doesn't matter - but this 46" baby is beautiful.  Even Charlie Bear the children's TV show is celebrating.

Matt has had another few 'manual' driving lessons, worked a bit in the garden and is enjoying his last couple of weeks holiday. Elizabeth has been my rock and strength, picking up the slack of running and helping around the house. Next week she begins her 'professional development' week of her teacher's course at university, so is quite excited.  Ivan is busy at work, preparing for another overseas trip and we are finally over the last storm - thanks to the hard work of Mum, Dad and their wonderful friends Kevin & Kay.

So for a blog post about no news - I guess there was some.

I am also working on my digital scrap-booking again; which is fun. Re-living the chaos and hard-work of all our renovations in May/June 2011.


Red said...

I'd say you are keeping fairly busy. sometimes we have to slow down and look at life from a different point of view.

darlin said...

Hi there, I love the new TV! I don't own a Blue Ray yet, how's the picture vs a DVD player?

Definitely get your rest my friend, your body knows what it needs to heal!

The children sound busy, happy and helpful.

Take care and it's always welcoming and good to hear from you... even if there's no news! :-)

Have a wonderful weekend, hugs sent your way!

Beverly said...

Red & Darlene thanks for the messages - Darlene the blue-ray is amazing. I wouldn't have believed it. The great part is that the blue-ray player will play DVD's as well.
Red, you are right I need to slow down and if you read my next post then you will see that God and the Universe have taken a hand.
Thanks to you both, for your regular love and support.

Horst in Edmonton said...

Hello Vesta, hope everything is going well for you and that your Gout is going away sometime soon. Take care of yourself and have a wonderful week.