Saturday, February 2, 2013

Birthday Girl - no make that Young Lady

Happy 23rd Birthday Elizabeth.

I cannot believe that my little girl is so grown-up.  Twenty-three years old and such a beautiful person.  Celebrating her birthday today has been a little strange - with the storm, and also Elizabeth feeling a little unwell - with a tummy bug (or was that too much lactose????).

Anyway we love you Elizabeth - celebrate in style.

Sisters - Sarah treated Elizabeth to the Blue-rays Gremlins and King Kong

Matt was sneaky and bought her the gift box set of Blade Runner - the funny part was that she was in the store when he did it and she didn't notice.

And along with books and other Blue-rays she got 'Total Recall'


Red said...

Happy birthday to Elizabeth. Surprising how time flies . My kids are 41 and 43.

darlin said...

Happy Birthday pretty lady! I didn't realize Elizabeth and my daughter are so close in age. My baby girl turns 24 in July. We are blessed Beverly, truly blessed with the children we have!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! Please say hi to your beautiful family from me.