Saturday, February 2, 2013

Tornado at Ten PM

Last night at 10pm, we heard an almighty roaring sound, the wind began, the rain began and we were up.  Ivan went out the back to try and secure things and I opened the front curtains to reveal swirling wind and rain - it looked like a mini-tornado heading down our street.  I thought we were going to lose every tree in the front yard.  Within 20 minutes it was all over, no rain, no wind.

We went back to bed.

This morning we woke to clear blue skies, a cool breeze and a lower garden near the cottage decorated with most of the tops of our gum trees and piles of 15 -20 metre trees.  We have trees down everywhere.  Plus there was over 26mm of rain in that short space of time.

Mother Nature is in such a Huff at the moment, she is throwing temper tantrums.  We are contemplating ritual sacrifices to appease the Gods!

 Our fence skyline is normally covered with tall, majestic trees, this lone tree is all that remains and of course the 'dead' one we needed to take down - is still standing.

 Snapped like small twigs.

 A 17metre tree that we planted just a few years ago, Now gone!

 Luckily all the trees missed the house, and most of the smaller shrubs, falling in between the beds. So although we have a tree down over the back fence, and a mess the damage is minimal.

 I think my face says it all.  What more do we have to endure?


Mom said...

Well it sure takes our minds off our own problems, it just goes to show you how very strong we all are, especially you sweetheart, you like Dad and I just shake your head and get on with life. Hang in there.

Julie said...

I don't suppose you have much use for firewood....?

Red said...

I can imagine your pain when you survey the damage and destruction. As you say little damage to property and no injuries. It is very scary and stressful. You have just cleaned up from damage and now this. It's hard to take but you will overcome it.