Thursday, June 19, 2014

Still Living and loving life.

Along with all my medical issues life has continued.

While in hospital - I managed to get a "Day Pass" - I said it was Parole.  It meant that I could come home and spend the day with the family and also attend Sarah's play on Friday 7th.  Sarah had been given the lead role in her drama class's production of "STREUTH".  The play was a spoof - a play within a play and Sarah had the role of The Inspector.  After weeks of practicing she was fantastic.  I was quite tired by the time the evening came, but nothing was going to stop me attending my Sarah's big night.

Ivan - holding a very tired Me as we head off to Sarah's concert

Waiting with Elizabeth during the interval - surrounded by Angel Orbs of protection

The Inspector - The Star

I popped up on stage with Sarah to have a photo

A couple of days later - Sarah had a fancy-dress party at Drama to celebrate the end of the play and she chose to dress up as a 'Weeping Angel' from the TV - Dr Who.  I got to see the photos - she was terrifying.  Thanks Matthew, Elizabeth and Granny for helping Sarah create such a great costume.

Scary Sarah

Matt helping Sarah with the body paint

The myth is that they can't move as long as you are looking at them

If you look away they will move and touch you and send you back in time - feeding on your energy.

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