Sunday, July 10, 2011

A lovely visitor

 As I have laid in bed over the last couple of mornings I have noticed a lovely visitor - A Common Koel. This is shy bird about the size of a partridge and it scurries and runs around, rather than flying. It has a long tail and is difficult to photograph.
 So today sitting at my desk checking emails, I spotted it again and grabbed my little Cannon - these few pictures are all I managed.
We have heard him calling a couple of times, but not seen much of him, so this was a great sighting.


Mom said...

So glad you captured these photos, Dad and I spent ages the other day trying to find him in the tree where he was singing his heart out. Keep up the rest, and soon you will be A for away.

darlin said...

That's a large bird, do people hunt and eat them like we do partridges here? I haven't eaten partridge in years but from what I remember they are delicious.