Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nothing is wrong?

Why when everything is going right does everything sometimes feel wrong?

For the last couple of days I have felt lost and frustrated.  I haven't been able to shake the feeling of the blues - tired, listless and just plain old down :(

I think it is the result of stopping - if I keep busy and achieving all seems good, but when you finish a major task like the renovations and then stop, it all seems too hard to begin again.

Winter in Qld is just the most beautiful time of the year, but it is still winter. Our bodies slow down along with nature and the mornings are cooler making it harder to get up.  So I am sluggish and tired.

So as I woke up today, I snuggled under the covers and decided that 'Nothing is Wrong' and I am okay! And most importantly - I am allowed to feel a little slow, a little blue and a little down - Nothing is wrong, but not much feels right.

So for now, I am nurturing Me - I am going to slow down like nature and take it easy, then wake up like the Spring and burst forth again.

A little crazy musings, a little indulgent post - but Nothing is Wrong!


Julie said...

never underestimate the power of hormones...this happens to me about every 28 days...well, it used to. :)

darlin said...

Beverly I get like that as well, I've learned to just take the good with the not so good and continue on my merry little way... feeling like it or not. I have to really push myself sometimes, other times it's dive right in head first. Then there's the times where I ask myself if it's all worth it, other times I'm elated to be doing what I am doing... I chalk it all up to mid life and being female!

Just tell yourself that this too shall pass, til it does I suggest you do whatever you feel like doing, even if it's nothing.

Take care.