Sunday, July 31, 2011

Internet on Strike

Slow week for the internet - children used up all our Download/Upload

Posts will come later in the week.

Happy Birthday to my Dad for tomorrow - August 1st.


darlin said...

Happy Birthday Beverly's Dad! I hope Beverly is going to give you a day off from renos for your special day! :-)

P.S. I could use some help here in Canada but don't rush, it's your birthday! ;-)

Dorothy said...

Oh that's lovely darlin. Beverly's Dad's name is Brian. He is unable to do any reno for the next couple of months as he had to have 3 of his fingers operated on two weeks as the arthritis was very bad so now instead of him putting screws in wood, the Doctors put screws into the top joint of three fingers on his right hand, so that is keeping him out of trouble.

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