Monday, July 4, 2011

Thank You

 These beautiful flowers arrived this evening from my beautiful Friend Angel-Julie in Perth; with a lovely note wishing me healing thoughts for tomorrow. It is such a special feeling to be so blessed with great friends.
Thank everyone for your kind wishes and love. Speak to you all in a couple of days.


Julie said...

Are you sure it was Julie in Perth and not Julie in Ulaan Bataar??? .... ok.. I won't try and take credit for the flowers,..but I will be thinking pink for you tomorrow. Talk to you on the flip side ! :)

Beverly said...

maybe it was?

But you call me 'widget' not Angel-Beverly, so I think I guessed right.
Thanks for the thoughts.


Dorothy said...

Hi everyone, not sure how this will work. Have just been to the hospital this evening to see Beverly, she has come through the op quite well, obviously a bit of pain and is on a drip but otherwise it is all over and done with, she probably will be home tomorrow, but thought this was the best way to let folk know how she is doing. A very relieved Mom that's for sure.
It was wonderful to hear how Elizabeth took control of the other two and also took Beverly into hospital, I still think of her as my little grandaughter but she is a very capable young lady.

Julie said...

So glad to hear it!! Now if only you can keep her sitting down for a few days so she can heal!

Dorothy said...

Hi everyone, Dorothy here, just an update, Beverly is home and the Doctor is pleased with her progress, the drain was causing a bit of pain but once it was out, the pain level certainly dropped, unfortunately she had to go back into hospital this evening for a short visit - thankfully short visit - she had been sleeping on her side and I think caused a bit of pressure resulting in a bit of excess bleeding, but once back at the hospital all was well and they have advised her to use an ice pack if it continues but they don't appear concerned. It has been wonderful to watch our grandchildren coming together to make life easy for Mom, good on you kids, especially Elizabeth who has taken the leading role. Well done. If she is not up to posting tomorrow I will keep you all posted.