Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Room by Room

 Starting in Sarah's room - the most dramatic by far.  Sarah as you all know chose Black/Red & White for her theme.  We found a funky red leather chair for her and a red & black desk.  A TV/DVD player and fish tank finish off that side of the room
 Although a teenager, Sarah still loves her fairies so this alcove is filled with her fairies, mermaids and knick-knacks (I don't dust it - that is her chore)
 The most amazing part of her room is her red wall and bed - it just makes the room.

Now for Elizabeth's room - or as she calls it her Sanctuary!
 (Sorry about the shadow)  Elizabeth loves purple (no kidding).  Her room is so serene and peaceful - filled with rich wooden furniture and books.
 We installed the extra window into the room, which has given it so much more light - we are still looking for a narrow desk for her, but in the meantime she has this table for her computer.
 Cupboards fill one wall and her TV and DVD player sit well on the unit in between, her rocking chair makes a nice addition and it is a lovely place to sit and chat with her.
 This is the wall that Dad and I built - with the new door - creating a passage between the two girls rooms (sorry forgot to take a picture) - Sarah created the amazing 'E' for Elizabeth in her room colours and her blanket box is covered with her fairy treasures.  She still needs to put something on this wall, but is deciding.

Now for Matt's room.  Matt's room is very long (about 6m - two rooms joined together, so it is divided into 2 sections, sleeping - this end and lounge the other.
 His bed, table and bookcase all fit really well.
 The room is separated by his cupboard and drawers and the couch across the room. He has his 'giant' TV that he bought as well as his game consoles.
 Matt's desk area is where he is supposed to do his homework, but spends a lot of time playing games. Luckily he is a good student - so I don't have to pester him too much.
 An almost full view of the room.
The wooden floors have been the highlight of the renovations and updated and upgraded the house completely. 

So if you have got to the end of the show - this is what I have spent the last few months doing.


Julie said...


darlin said...

Wow what a difference! You've all done fantastic work and the end result is stunning in each of the rooms. I love that each room has the walk out patio doors, or does Matthew's? I noticed them in the girls rooms and I'll have to go back to take another look at his room.

It's so amazing what renovations can do and you've all done such a wonderful job. It's been fantastic to watch the transformation, thanks for sharing your home reno experiences with us Beverly.

Now what will you do with all your spare time? lol

Beverly said...

Not sure except just enjoy it!

Ian Weatherburn said...

Looks really really good! Well done guys. I'm sure the children really love their 'spaces'. Lots to be proud of there. Thanks for sharing Beverly.

darlin said...

Good for you Beverly! Do you have any plans of returning to the classrooms anytime in the near future?

I'm back in the classrooms for one more year starting in early Sept. This summer has been tough focusing on my correspondence and I'm going to be paying for it in August and the first week in Sept., hopefully no longer than that because I have 5 courses in the fall. I have to get these two courses out of the way... yikes! What can I do but laugh and go and read right about now? lol Have a wonderful day and definitely enjoy your hard earned break!

Beverly said...


I have signed up to do an English course - Jane Austen - not sure how I am feeling about getting back into studying.

You are amazingly dedicated - well done!