Sunday, December 9, 2012

Health update

Lack of communication has become my biggest side-effect of my chemo treatment.  I have been managing energy and neglecting my writing.  Also Facebook is quick and easy, so my poor blog has been neglected.

So for those of you who follow Vesta - here is my news.

Today is nearly 3 weeks since my last treatment and I am feeling fantastic.  The last few days I have felt 'normal' again.  Filled with energy and an enthusiasm for life. Driving the kids crazy with my dancing and singing around the house.

I still have my hair, which is perfect and the tingles from cold drinks or cold temperatures have certainly decreased.  Still experiencing a little discomfit in my left hand/arm from the intravenous treatment, but it is manageable.

Now we begin again:

On Wednesday I head back into hospital to have a new portacath installed - I will stay overnight for my treatment on Thursday and then stay overnight again to manage any (hopefully none) side-effects.

 This is me after my first attempt at utilising the failed portacath - smiling idiotically - not sure that I should have been, but it was smile or cry. So I opted to smile.
Feeling a little worn and tired and really cold as the IV chemo treatment is installed.

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darlin said...

Beverly I'm glad to hear that you're feeling back to normal, hopefully there will be no side effects and you can sing and dance and drive everyone bonkers again.

I'm keeping you in my prayers, sending tons of love and hugs from across the miles.