Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Woo Hoo - Life is Good!

Have had the best 3 weeks - spending time with my brother Ian and his family - wife Wendy and my beautiful nieces Michelle - age 9 and Laura-Ashley age 10.

I have totally neglected my blog in these 3 weeks, used the energy to enjoy life.

So here is the update:

3 weeks ago - my chemotherapy (intravenous) was a bit of a disaster.  Just about 5 minutes into the treatment I had another severe reaction.  Within minutes I had 4 nurses and the doctor in the room.  Was placed on oxygen, Ventolin, anti-histamines and saline to flush the drugs out of my system.  I was struggling to breathe and felt very faint.  The result was that my oncologist cancelled the rest of my Oxaliplatin treatments - a real blessing for me as the side effects were really yucky.  I just had to continue on the tablets, which although there are some side-effects - they are easier to deal with.

I then had a lovely time with my family.
Balancing through life - having fun at a family picnic.

Back row - my Elizabeth, Matthew & Sarah
Front row Michelle & Laura-Ashley

Good looking kids

Celebrating my parent's 50th wedding anniversary with a great photo

My brother took this great photo of me - feeling fantastic

Wendy, Dad (Brian); Mom (Dorothy) and my brother Ian
I managed to enjoy a picnic out with the family, a trip up to Toowoomba for a great steak and a play in the park with my nieces. A lovely meal, which I cooked - after nearly six months of hardly cooking - I spent the day with Ivan cooking up a great Lasagna.  My nieces informed me it was the 'best in the world.'

And today was the highlight:

I saw my oncologist and I only had one more 2-week treatment of tablets (thought I might have had to have two); and then I am finished all my chemotherapy.  Friday I will be having my portocath removed; and will begin the last course.  In 8 weeks I will have my CT scan to confirm full remission and move into a wonderful new phase of living.  Celebrating life to the full and knowing that I did it. 


darlin said...

Beverly I've said it on fb and I'll say it here as well...I'm so happy for you! This is fantastic news and if you've stopped dancing for joy, well just give it one more round because you can! ;-)

Your family is so wonderful and beautiful. I didn't realize your Mom and Dad celebrated their anniversary, please pass on a Happy Anniversary wish from me k?

Have a fantastic day, wooohoooo!!!

Red said...

Good to hear that things are starting to turn out positive and that there are things to celebrate. Small things in life become extremely important.