Monday, April 22, 2013


On Friday 19th my beautiful father-in-law Desmond Adair passed away in Northern Ireland.  Living on the other side of the world it was impossible for Ivan to get home in time for the funeral on Sunday and the sadness we all feel at this loss has been so overwhelming.

Dad you will be missed.

We took some time yesterday to indulge in some memories we shared with you:

We will always remember your very first trip to South Africa - when you asked if there were any "Giraffes or Zebras around" - we laughed at you and said 'No - you have to go to the game farms to see these" and then around the corner we drove past a fence where a number of zebras where standing. The local farmer had converted his beef cattle farm into a wildlife farm.  It was so funny.  I remember your excitement at seeing a chameleon, your love of the African wildlife and the hours you and Mom spent in the warm sunshine.

The three trips you made to see us in Australia.  The very long flights and yet the joy we had for you to spend some time with your Australian grandchildren, getting to know them.  We had the chance to take you to see all the Australian wildlife and some of the amazing places we have in this country.

Ivan and I however, agree that the highlight of your travels to spend time with us, was your and Mom's visit to America, when we lived there.  Walking you along the north rim of the Grand Canyon, watching the sunset over the red rocks of Bryce Canyon and perhaps most special of all your visit to Zion in Southern Utah.  Special places shared together.

Little things like introducing Elizabeth to a morning cup of coffee, made with lots of sugar and coffee creamer.  Walks in the neighbourhood and just spending time with the children.

All of these memories are your legacy.  Your laughter shared with us all, your love of nature and your hugs and cuddles.

Dad we will miss you and wish you peace on your journey.  We will meet again one day and I know you will be waiting to hear all about our next adventures.

 Desmond Adair 19 August 1938 - 19 April 2013.


Red said...

I am sorry for your loss. It helps to spend some time and look back at some of the good times. You evidently had a lot of good times.However , after all that there is still a tough loss to reconcile .

darlin said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss, my condolences to you and your family Beverly.

Mom said...

Beverly, it was so sad to hear that Des had died, he had put up such a good fight to keep going, however as we all know one day our time comes to leave this life on earth, it means no more suffering, no more pain both for the person and the family left behind. Dad and I will always have very fond memories of Des and Margaret during their many trips to Australia. Our funniest and loveable memory was when we presented Des with the biggest cabbage that I am sure ever grew in Australia, the reason being that he was told that cabbage leaves were good for arthritis. Needless to say he took it in good spirit. It was so wonderful that Ivan managed a some special time with his Dad and Mom only a month or so ago, and in time the sadness will go and the memories will last a lifetime.