Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How now Brown Cow!

We live in a beautiful semi-suburban suburb in Ipswich, Queensland. Our one acre property backs onto a flower farm and they also have a number of dairy cows, which feed regularly near our fence.

Today however, sitting having breakfast - I looked up out of the window and noticed a lovely brown cow wandering past the front window.  In total disbelief I had another look and sure enough there she was. 

 I phoned the council and they sent out the animal management van who have finally rounded up 'Daisy' (my name).  My poor dogs can now relax and stop barking - which they have been doing all day.

So the end of a day's adventure for the cow - safely back in the pasture.


Red said...

Good to see you post again. Good story of a wondering bovine!

Beverly said...

Thanks Red
Been a busy 3 weeks. Have missed blogging, but am back again. See next post to see the reason for absence.

darlin said...

Holy cow! lol Glad all ended well for all, the cow included. :-)

Mark Tullett said...

Darlin stole my thought -Holy cow- what fun!