Friday, October 31, 2008


Boo to you all!

31st October today and we are having our very first Australian Halloween party. It seems rather strange to be celebrating in warm sunshine, rather than having the beautiful fall leaves around the garden and the frost and snow on the ground.

Since our return from the USA nearly 4 years ago, the children have been asking to celebrate Halloween, but it is not a big holiday in Australia, so I have been reluctant. This year however, Halloween has fallen on a Friday, so it seems the perfect evening to have a few of their friends around for some fun.

We have been decorating the house for a couple of days now and today I will prepare all the final items of ghoulish delight. We are having a 'mad' scientist laboratory with 'eyeballs, guts, brain and other yucky stuff to touch. Doing a torch treasure hunt in the dark - that should be fun with our garden full of cane toads and 'real' spiders. A mummy wrap - no I am not going to be the mummy! And a Halloween Bingo!

Look out for lots of photos in the next couple of days.

If you have a few minutes take the time to Google 'Halloween' & 'Trick or Treat!' it is really interesting how the whole tradition started.

I hope you celebrate 31st October in style and enjoy your Halloween.



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BOO0-HOO! I'm not there to share in the fun? :(