Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to you all from the Vampires and Witches, Ghosts and 'Heads' of our family.

Our party was a huge success! Sarah had 5 friends over, Elizabeth just one and poor Matthew, his friend cancelled at the last minute due to illness. I was dressed as Morticia, Grandad as a 'Head on a plate', Granny as a ghost, Elizabeth a very elegant lady witch, Sarah a beautiful Vampire and Matthew - Count Dracula of course!
Everyone arrived around 6.00pm and we played lots of games, including Halloween Bingo; pass the pumpkin; Halloween Charades; The mad scientist's laboratory and the huge success of the evening a 'Treasure hunt' in the dark.
The children all set out bravely into the garden with torches, they were in groups of three and had to find Halloween words which I had hidden all around the garden. For 10 minutes, they avoided the Cane Toads and the 'real' spiders.
We ate lots of junk food and candy, as well as Pizza, sausage rolls and party pies!
At 9.00pm we finished the last stories and the parents all arrived to pick up the children. Elizabeth's friend Sam is staying over as her and Elizabeth have work together in the morning, so they all helped tidy up. Everyone made it to bed around an hour ago!
More photos and stories to follow, but now as the witching hour approaches, I am heading to bed. Until next year, I wish you all a Happy Halloween!
Morticia (aka Beverly)

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