Thursday, October 30, 2008

Goal - Score one!

I had a great day yesterday! Amazingly I achieved at least as many of the 'chore' goals as the day before but my focus was on the 'happy/satisfying goals'.

My first achievement was the 10 pages of scrapbooking that I had planned to do the day before. On Tuesday they felt like a chore, but yesterday I had such fun and satisfaction completing them. I had 'Ol Blue Eyes - Frank Sinatra' playing and sang along while I scrapbooked.

My second goal from the day before was to take 10 mins in the garden and I did it. Elizabeth and I took a long, cold drink of lime juice out with us and we just wandered around enjoying the sunshine and the flowers. Pulled out a few weeds along the way, but concentrated on enjoying the pleasure of the garden.

Now I also achieved work goals. I washed Elizabeth, Matthew and my bedlinen, unpacked dishwasher, tidied up, sorted out some bills, fetched the children from school and last night started decorating the house with the children for our Halloween party tomorrow night.

The difference however, was not in the work, but the attitude. I had decided to focus on the rewarding things in life, because the work things would get done in anycase.

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MOM said...

So glad you had a good day. Dad asked me what I wanted him to do today, my comment "Leave me alone" He said WHAT !!. I said no I don't quite mean that, but I want to do some scrapbooking so you do what you want. Lets hope by tomorrow I can achieve this goal at least, unless cooking, ironing gets in the way. !!!