Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time for nothing!

Saturday's in our house are usually our busy days. The children have chores that they need to do. Matthew has the pool filter to empty of leaves and the pool to check, Sarah has the bathroom to do and Ivan works in the garden. It is also a work day for Elizabeth from 8.30 - 4.30pm. And Me! Well I do the usual housework or help in the garden.

Yesterday I set aside one hour on the timer for the children to help around the house. We were so productive that in the hour all chores were completed and in fact Sarah came in and said there's still 3 mins on the clock, can I stop! The answer of course was Yes! The house looked lovely, all the ironing was done. My scrapbook bags for today were packed and because of the rain, I could not garden.

I had NOTHING that I had to do!!! Of course I could have found 100 chores to fill the rest of the day, but I chose to do something just for me. I sat and read, just sat in my chair and read my book for as long as I felt like it.

My mind kept thinking - Wow! Is this what it feels like to have 'time for me, time for nothing!' As all busy people, I often feel guilty about taking time for myself, but I did not even have to plan/prepare or cook dinner, as we had been invited to Mom's for a roast. I totally relaxed.

In the afternoon, I played with photos on the computer for a while, sorted out my next scrapbooking project and then guess what - I read some more.

What a beautiful gift the day was, it was peaceful and relaxing and recharged my batteries so completely. Today I am also totally spoilt in that I have a scrapbook workshop so another day doing things I love.

I recommend everyone taking some 'Time for nothing!' Then you will have the energy for everything!


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Michelle said...

Ahh, what an Empowering Thought! Bev, I love that the kids had the opportunity to contribute to the house - isn't a 'timer' a FABULOUS idea?!
Congratulations on finding the Time for Nothing ... I'm sure you will Live Longer as a result of Honouring Beverly.