Monday, October 27, 2008

Talented children

As a mother I am so proud of my three beautiful children and like all parents I think they are the most talented and gifted in the world. I am proud of their achievements and talents, but am most proud of their wonderful kind and generous natures. I am proud of their courage and determination as they conquer their fears and face the world.

Today I had another amazing experience as Sarah took to the school stage to present her speech for the position of Junior School Captain. She stood up in front of around 200 students, took a deep breath and delivered an amazing oration. She spoke flawlessly and only referred to her notes once. Her talk was funny and clever and I saw the young, confident woman that is emerging from the cocoon of childhood. Without bias, her speech was the best by far - I told you I thought they were the best!

I have included her speech here and also the delightful speech that Matthew delivered a few weeks back in his bid to win the nomination for Middle School Captain. I am proud of them both, they have taken up the challenge of leadership positions in their school. Even if neither of them gain the necessary number of votes to win, they are both winners in my eyes.

Words from a very proud Mother.

Sarah's Speech.

Good morning Boys and Girls, Teachers and Principals.

My name is Sarah Adair and I would like to talk to you about Junior School Co-Captains.

Do you know what your Junior School Captain does? I sure didn’t, it just sounded like a cool position! I have realised that it is a cool position, but has so many more responsibilities than I thought.

Well let’s think for a moment what would happen if there were no Captains to help the teachers rule our school. This is exactly what would happen…..We would have disaster, chaos and mayhem, those poor teachers would be overwhelmed!

So, the captains, get to help the teachers and the principal with organising activities for the junior school. We represent the junior school at assemblies and events. We are also your voice to teachers, if you have any ideas or have a problem.

I want to be the junior school captain that you will talk to and approach. Not only for the students in my own class or grade, but everyone across the school, from Grade One all the way up to Grade six.

There are a few things you need to know about me. First of all I am not built for sport, but really love trying and giving my best. The good news for you is that I am the person that prevents you from coming last. I don’t mind that as I have other things I love. I started learning the flute this year and will be joining the band next year. I also love writing and illustrating stories and love jokes.

The other thing that I am really good at is being responsible and respectful to my teachers and my peers. So you will be able to rely on me to be a good school captain.

So after all the speeches from the other worthy candidates and myself, I hope you will consider me as your Junior School Captain for 2009.

My name is Sarah Adair and I would love a number one in my box!

Matthew's speech.

Welcome Ms. Gagliardi, Mr Cartmel and Teachers. Also welcome to all students in year 6, 7 and 8. Also to any year 9’s present, enjoy the speech. Students I would like to welcome you all by name, but I realise it would take a really long time, and sadly I don’t know all of you yet, but as your Middle School co-captain for 2009; I will make it my goal to get to know as many of you as possible by my farewell speech at the end of next year.

Now although I don’t know you yet, you need to know me. My name is Matthew Adair, the reason you need to know my name is that this is the name you need to vote for.

What do you need to know about me? I love jokes and I love fun, ask my friends. I am also good at Sport – most of the time! I belong to the Chess club and am really good – most of the time! I also belong to the Computer Club and I am really good at games – most of the time.

The thing that I am good at all of the time is ‘talking to those teachers!’ My goal as your College Co-captain is to help you learn to talk to your teachers, so you will have less problems with them – most of the time.

Another goal for 2009 is that we have more FUN in our Fund raisers. School is hard work and often boring, no offense teachers! But we do have the chance to do lots of good with our fund raisers, these Fund raisers need to become FUN raisers.

Year 6’s, I was one of you, just 2 short years ago sitting where you are wondering when this will end. I had no idea who the candidates were and just voted for the person that sounded the best on the day. I hope you will vote for me based not only on my ‘fantastic speech’ but also on my promise to really make an effort to get to know you and help you become a full part of Middle school.

Year 7’s, I know at least one or two of you, which is a start. Next year, you will leave the year 7 block and start moving around the Middle and Senior school. This experience is a bit daunting and finding LL1 for example can be quite a challenge at first. As your co-captain, I will be here for you, on year 8 day to help as much as possible and through the rest of the year as you find your way around.

And finally to my fellow year 8’s. Some of you have known me since I arrived at the school in year 5. Others I have only got to know recently. I hope you will vote and support me, knowing I will do my best for the Middle school. I will work hard to help with the organisation and make you proud that you voted for me.

I hope what I have said will inspire you to vote for me.
Thank you all for listening to my speech, well most of you!

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Ian Weatherburn said...

All of your children are EXTREMELY talented and you have every reason to be extremely proud of them. These are wonderful speeches and I'm thrilled to hear that the delivery went down as well as the content reads. Send big hugs to them both and a huge well done from me.