Saturday, October 25, 2008

My ramblings about cyber space and technology

I wonder where my information and thoughts live? When I send out an email or post a Blog, I often sit and contemplate what happens to it? How does it get from my screen and keyboard onto yours? I know that there is some really technical and detailed explanation, but even that does not explain to me, how I manage to send out this little post and people from around the world can access it. All at different times and in different places!

Technology is amazing today. I remember in 1983 (yes, I know that is a long, long time ago) when I started at the bank I was so excited to be allowed to operate the fax machine. We could call up the bank branch down the road and they could send us up a copy (very blurred) of a customers statement. It would appear like magic from the machine on a long roll of paper. I knew that it utilized the phone line, but how could written words travel along a phone line. Voices I can imagine, but words!

Now today, we do not even think about it. I sit at my computer and type emails and blog posts and just send them out into the Ether! Fax machines are almost dinosaurs, videos have been replaced by DVD's and those will soon be replaced by Blue-ray. Most mobile phones have more memory and capability than my first computer and digital cameras (which I vowed I would never use) are absolutely fantastic.

I know that we thought that technology would give us more leisure time, but instead our lives are so much busier. We can work at home and be contacted at home. We can receive 100's of emails from people we don't even know. I do however, love modern technology. I love the fact that I can ask a question and type it into Google and someone, somewhere will more than likely have an answer for me. I love being able to have friends across the world who I stay in touch with via email and as such nurture relationships that would otherwise founder due to lack of contact.

My children have computer play-dates! I don't have to feed and look after other people's children. Matthew will sit for hours chatting and playing games with his friends. When I offer for him to invite a friend over, he says no thank you as they can't then play together on the computer. A phone and a computer are all he needs.

I wonder what you all think about our amazing world of technology, is it wonderful or a disaster in your life.


MOM said...

It is the most wonderful thing for sure, not only for myself who spends hours on it but for all the very lonely people who have no contact with the outside world. The computer becomes one's friend and the web cam that you can have brings loved ones right into your own home, never mind how many thousands of miles away they. Computers rule!!!!, all I now need is the brain power to try and cope with each new invention that appears.

Michelle said...

I wish I had a DELETE button for my head ... I could get rid of a whole heap of files which don't serve me anymore and take on a whole lot of new stuff more easily and quickly. Hmm. Defrag-ing sounds appropriate here!

Ian Weatherburn said...

:) Well you know what I think about technology of course - where would I be without it? I'm glad that you embrace even just a small part of it to enrich your life. I guess the trick is not to let it rule you (as you alluded to with cell phones and emails and constantly in contact). Even my little children of 3 and 5 are quite adept at using the computer, and remote controls, and operating the TV and the microwave - all inventions that are mind boggling in their complexity just a few short years ago. I love my gadgets!

Treasure Queen said...

Your post reminds me too of when I first got an electric typewriter, and how I used to send information by Telex machine - that was cool - then the first computer, and how I could run the whole office on 4MG of computer space!

How much our lives have changed - these days Roslyn spends a lot of time doing homework on one screen, while on the other screen she is chatting (MSN) to friends - real friends and cyber friends; Gordon spends a lot of time flying from place to place on his computer - he now has 4 screens so he can see where he is going, chat to the flying buddies, and see airport information etc., while I spend time on emails and surfing blogs and card ideas! Of course, i used to do the housework, but that has gone by the way!!! Luckily we all have dinner together or we would be fully communicating via keyboard!!