Monday, October 20, 2008

Morning silence

Morning silence and no rushing about. It is 7.38am and usually at this time on a Monday morning, I would be yelling at the children to get into the car. Today however, we have a pupil-free curriculum day so there is no school. There is something almost magical and naughty about sleeping in and relaxing on a Monday morning during the school term.

The garbage truck has been at 6.30am and I was able to snuggle down and continue to doze. Sarah had snuck into our bed around 5.00am with a bad dream, and her warm little body was like an extra hot water bottle. I love the peaceful face of children as they lie sleeping in my bed, of course when you end up with no covers or space then they are less adorable. But, we have a King-size bed, so it is great!

Ivan got himself up to shower and head into work (he could not get the day off). I decided to make him some lunch so got up. Then remembered that he had a lunch meeting. Temptation - do I head back to bed or do I enjoy the morning peace and silence?

This is the time when the chores, although starting to call are not yet persistent! There is no 14 year old boy asking when I will be finished on the computer and no-one needing breakfast or any help just yet. The birds are singing, most of the early traffic has passed the front door and just the click of the computer keys accompanies my thoughts. I love this time of day, when I have the peace of the Morning Silence.


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Treasure Queen said...

Hi Beverly, I adore that quiet time too, when the house is MINE!