Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Achieving goals

In line with yesterdays post I realised by day end that I had achieved 4 of my 6 goals. The 2 that I did not get anywhere near where what I call my 'reward goals'. These were things on my list that were just for some self-satisfaction for me. I did not even take 10 minutes to renew my self by walking around and enjoying the garden and I did not get to my scrapbooking.

I did walk into my craft room and open up the album and get out the photos, but I was tired and irritable after dealing with the stresses of my day, so walked away from it again. The day ended up being an 'ugly' one.

Sarah had a great saying for it. It was a Sugar, Honey, Ice, Tea day. This is just such a perfect way to describe some of our days, and I love the beautiful uplifting words to describe one that goes south, despite our best plans and intentions.

So for today my plan is to set only one goal and that is to have a wonderful day. I will achieve the chores that I must, but will also attempt to find some time to inspire the world, time to make it a day worth living.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

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