Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Sixth Secret.

You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it!

To talk about this secret I am going to refer to the chapter using lots of Dr Dyer's words and references. I hope that you will all find your own connection in this.

Dr Dyer suggests that the opening lines of Genesis and the Torah state: "God created Heaven and Earth" and later, "And all that God created was good." Now if this is interpreted literally, then it is clear that there is no 'bad.' This is so true, when we are in the world of God or Spirit, but when your connection to the Spirit (God, Source) is weak and you become separated, then your mind creates illusions and your ego takes over and 'bad' occurs. This can occur in many ways - social problems, disease, disharmony and despair.

So how do we fix the problems! According to Dr Dyer, we just change our mind and that will solve the problems! Okay! That sounds easy doesn't it? NO!

You have to rewrite your agreement with reality. St Francis of Assisi wrote in his famous prayer: Where there is hatred, let me sow love" Light always dissolves darkness, Love always nullifies hate. Spirit always cancels problems. Problems exist as beliefs of your ego mind which is unable to conceptualize an awareness of a spiritual mind, just as dark has no concept of light.

Louise L. Hay an amazing writer started my thoughts about this process when I read her books "The Power is within" and "You can heal yourself". She talked about waking up in the morning with positive thoughts. Instead of waking up and thinking "Oh no! I have to get up, I am tired!" Try waking up and thanking your bed for a wonderful nights sleep, lie and focus for a few minutes of beautiful, positive thoughts and see how your day improves. I thought about the difference of waking up on an ordinary morning and on a morning when it is your birthday, or a morning that you are going to do something special for you, like go on holiday. There is no difference to the fact of waking up, you probably have had the same number of hours rest, it is still a day to be faced. Yet, by simply shifting the thoughts you have about the day, you experience a 'good' day.

One of the wonderful things in changing my thought patterns is to read something positive and for months now I have had the 'Joy' of waking up each morning, switching on my computer and reading my friend Michelle's site "JoyExpress". Michelle, decided to write only about JOY and she succeeds! She lights up the world with her positive thoughts, ideas and actions. Days when she is away or is to busy to have posted, I find the world slightly duller. The 'joy' she adds does not change my reality, but it changes my thoughts! (See the link from Vesta if you are interested)

I know this has turned into an epistle of magnificent proportions, but I really want to add just three more ideas.

Dr Dyer talks about the three levels of Consciousness; Ego Consciousness, Group Consciousness and Mystical Consciousness.

Ego is when your primary emphasis is on your own personality and body. You are individual and separate from what you would like to attract and separate from the Spirit. Winning or being first is important, if you have more than others you feel better and if you have less you feel worse. Your life revolves around competing and winning. This is an exhausting state as there is no rest, failure is just around the corner and life is dissatisfying.

Group is similar to ego in that you have to include others and it is very easy to fall victim to the "Us and Them" thought pattern. The group thoughts and attitudes are so important, you have to love who the group loves and hate who the group hates.

The highest level is mystical consciousness. This is the 'problem-free' consciousness and is distinguished by a feeling of connectedness rather than separateness. Feeling connected to everyone means that you cannot harm another without harming yourself. Cooperation will replace competition, hatred changes to love and sadness is changed to joy. By changing your mind and your thoughts about 'problems', by being connected to your Spirit, you will dissolve rather than resolve your problems. They will truly be an illusion of your mind and you can allow them to dissipate.

For all of you who have managed to wade your way through to the end of these ramblings, congratulations. I have found this Secret the hardest to express in words. I think partly because it really needs to be thought and talked about from my inner spirit and not ego, which is what is used to share 'my' opinions with the world. I hope you all find your 'Spirit' and connectedness and learn to solve your 'problems' with a new mind!


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