Sunday, September 30, 2012

Canteen - Bandanna Day

Every year I support the annual fund-raising drive for teenage cancer research by buying a bandanna.
So it was funny to walk into Woolworths just after receiving the news that my tumour was cancerous and find that they were selling bandannas.

Bandanna Fun

Ivan moved our beautiful flowering pot plant to where we could see it - isn't this beautiful.
I had to buy one, well I bought two.  I wanted to share and show my support for all those who are much worse off than I am and help with the fund raising. 


darlin said...

Beverly you have a kind heart and look at you all stylin' now! :-)

I love the potted plant, it looks great where you've moved it to.

Soon we're heading into our deep freeze, I'm thinking of coming to visit you again and not leaving til about April! lol If only I had the luxury of being able to fly away for the winters, trust me I would. I'm starting to really detest being in a deep freeze and long winters... sure I'm grateful for living in Canada, but seriously do we have to have such horrid winters?

Have a wonderful week!

Filip and Kristel said...

Got to know your blog via Darlin. Looks like a nice blog and you have cute puppies.