Thursday, September 13, 2012

Local river walk

It has been a beautiful few days - we had the JOY of catching up with a friend.  Lara and Elizabeth were friends 18 years ago as little girls.  Over the years, Colette and I have exchanged Christmas letters and kept up with the news.  Lara has been in Australia for 8 weeks and it was such fun to have her spend the day/night with us.  
The two girls didn't stop talking for the entire time and enjoyed a walk down to the our river.
Beautiful Lara


and the huge Carpet Python that they nearly stepped on.
 Lara saved Elizabeth from stepping on this enormous snake which was lying in the sun, devouring a meal. 
The girls.

 The river has become one of our favourite places to walk to and Elizabeth took this photo of me the other day dwarfed by the grass-reeds, her words were "Mum you look like a little hobbit, living in a very big world" - luckily i took it as a compliment.


Mom said...

Definitely won't be going for a walk anytime soon, hopefully by then this monster will have found greener pastures. Great photos girls.

darlin said...

Beverly that's phenomenal that the two girls reunited... what's also amazing is I've seen your beautiful river, thank goodness without the snake near our feet! I love the photos, very nice indeed!

Have a wonderful weekend Beverly, tomorros it's back to my city life and painting... oh joy! lol