Wednesday, September 26, 2012

In sickness and in health

The last couple of years have seen a fair bit of the first and little of the second in our household.  Medical bills are by far the largest expense and frustrations have arisen as we have attempted to deal with numerous setbacks.

Now we / I am facing another hurdle.

At the beginning of August I was hospitalised with a gastric bug, that was ultimately diagnosed as colitis, all tests showed no causes and after a week I was discharged.  Just a few days later, I was back in for rehydration and 36 hours with no food, to attempt to allow the colon to heal. 

The past 4 weeks has seen varying stages of recovery, but not enough to call myself cured.

Anyway, next step in my medical journey was shoulder surgery.  Injuring my shoulder five years ago exercising - told you it was bad for people to exercise. :) 

Wednesday morning, arthroscopic shoulder surgery - operation successful - night in hospital - home Thursday.

Friday - visit to Physician regarding colitis - not happy as I was very dehydrated - booked me back into hospital at 1pm for rehydration on a drip for 24 hours.  Kept in hospital over the weekend and colonscopy done on Tuesday 25th, yesterday.  Expected a minor issue report back, but it has turned out to be a little more complicated.

The gastroenterologist has found a mass (lesion) on my transverse colon. Today I have had a CT scan, more blood tests and they sent away biopsies yesterday for histology reports - now am awaiting results and expected surgery next week.

So what do they say - in sickness and in health.  2012 has been an interesting health year for our family in general and me in particular. 

One good thing about being in hospital is good food, great nursing, lots of love from family and friends and time to sit, think and write. 

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