Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fun photos in September

This beautiful young puppy joined our family this month.
Our Sarah is totally obsessed with animals and on spotting this beautiful little Japanese Chin x Yorkie x Chihahau puppy - we succumbed to her obsession.
 Max joined our family a couple of weeks ago and has turned out to be the most amazing addition.  The girls (Abby & Bella - dogs) and Cleo-cat are totally in love with Max. 

Of course the rest of the humans are just as besotted.  He is so much fun, and so small just 1kg at the moment.  He has the most delightful nature and brings a smile to our faces all the time - most needed at the moment.

This photo of me, sitting with my puppies - Bella and Max - the day I came out of hospital after shoulder surgery and finding out about the tumour in the colon - says it all.

 And in trying to get a couple of great photos at Max's level - I managed to get this one which I am titling - CANON FODDER.  Max tugged and pulled on my camera strap, as I giggled and snapped away.



Mom said...

Wonderful photos Beverly, this little Max was sent to you and the family for a special reason, no matter how down one feels, your heart just melts when he is around you. You are an inspiration to so many people Beverly, in your courage, cheerfullness and determination. Dad and I love you very much.

Beverly said...

Thanks Mom