Thursday, September 6, 2012

News and Views

First of all News:

It is chaotic in our household

Sarah (14) has the flu.  Matthew (18) is in exam block for Grade 12. Elizabeth is doing well. Ivan is busy at work.  Mum (Dorothy) had her first cataract surgery on Monday - recovering well. Dad (Brian) is quite unwell after having teeth removed, getting an infection and suffering from severe headaches for over a week.

So sincere apologies for not keeping up with Vesta. 

And of course Me - well I am a published author.  My book is still at the printers, but am very excited about its progress.  I went down to Sydney for Hay House "I Can Do It" conference and Writer's Workshop at the end of August and had an amazing weekend.

Eating Yummy breakfast in Sydney

Celebrating being a published author at Writer's Workshop


A great Father's Day photo of Dad and I - I love you Dad

Elizabeth and Matthew

And Me - feeling fantastic
So that is a bit of an update for the moment.  Follow me on Facebook or check out for more news on my book.

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Mom said...

Oh shame !!! you have gone to all this trouble to post lovely photos on your Vesta blog, and we have just all ignored you. That is not fair, we can't moan at you for not posting, and then when you do post we ignore you, so come on you lot out there that follow Beverly's blog, how about a few comments.
Love the photos, great one of you and your Dad