Thursday, August 23, 2012


For all my lovely Vesta followers, sorry I have neglected you all.

I have been so caught up with by book, getting better, shopping and preparing for the "I Can Do It" conference in Sydney this weekend, that I have been very neglectful. 

I have had a great week since coming out of hospital last week.  It took a few more days for my tummy to settle, but am feeling back to normal.

These last few days since Monday 13th our home-schooling queen - Sarah, has once more become a regular school student.  She hated the home-schooling challenges, and spoke to her school about returning.  With great courage and maturity, she handled the transition back herself and I was very proud of her.  Her 10 days back at school has been filled with challenges and hard work, but the difference in this young lady is awesome.  Keep it up Sarah.

On a personal note - I have signed off on my book revisions and it is now at the printers - an official book.  I had the JOY of choosing the front cover - what a task and the trepidation of pushing the send button on the final authority. 

I am also heading down to Sydney for 4 days of indulgence with my beautiful friend Michelle and all the inspirational speakers that Hay House has brought together for the "I Can Do It" conference and then on Monday, I am attending a Writer's Workshop and a 'Meet & Greet' afterwards.  It is going to be amazing.

So more news next week, hopefully with tons of photos.

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Mom said...

Yes we have felt neglected lately. Welcome back !!!