Sunday, August 5, 2012

Beauty and Brains

Our beautiful daughters have excelled themselves of late. First of all Sarah was granted a photo shoot at Bettina modelling agency and accepted onto their books as a client.  Her photo shoot was stunning beyond anything I ever imagined.  Here are a sample of her photos.

That stunning face!

Looking great in a cap

Doing it in style
 And then our equally beautiful and clever Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (extended major) and Ancient History.
Receiving her certificate

Official photo
 And of course none of the above would have been at all possible if it has not been for the amazing genetics - both beauty and brains of the two people below.

Elizabeth and Me!

Elizabeth and her Dad


darlin said...

Beautiful photos of Sarah Beverly, she sure looks stunning! The photos of Elizabeth are also fantastic. You are blessed with such an amazing family, and good on ya! (I went and picked up that expression from a prof from UniSA while I was there, he'd actually written that on a test I'd done. At first I didn't know how to take it, I asked one of my colleagues and found out it's all good! lol)

The way our children turn out to be are reflections of us, it's so true children learn what they live and you and Ivan have been amazing role models.

Have a wonderful week!

Julie said...

Simply lovely! Although I have to say that maybe the brains and beauty skipped a generation......

Julie said...

Just kidding!! Lovely pics all round. You guys look very happy! Congratulations to all of you on their wonderful success and future. And yes Dorothy and're welcome!