Monday, August 6, 2012

Home Schooling Queen

Sarah started her Brisbane School of Distance Education course today.  It was fascinating to watch her master the technology and overcome all her anxiety about educating herself.

Mondays are going to be a big day for her, as she has 5 online scheduled lessons in a row.  But Fridays are going to be wonderful with only one lesson. Self motivation is a big thing with this sort of learning and I think that Sarah is going to flourish. 

Concentrating very hard

Amazing technology - Sarah working with her Business class online.

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darlin said...

Good for Sarah, I'm sure she will succeed in whatever she sets her mind to doing. I wish her all the best with her home studies. The self discipline is challenging at times to focus and do the work, but it can be done. Speaking from experience... and now I'd best turn my attention back to my studies and quit procrastinating! Thanks Sarah for helping me realize I need to focus!