Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Before and After

Now not many people would be game enough at age 48 to be baring their skin to the public, but I figured if celebrities could do it - so could I. 

Before I went into hospital, I asked Elizabeth to take a photo of my belly, a little fat, but not too bad - no road maps.

 It is so easy to take an after photo - of a new garden bed, or something changed, but so often we forget to take the before photo - I wanted a memory of my tummy before the scar went in. 
Knowing that he was doing a transverse scar I expected one around 5 - 10cm, but this huge 20cm was even a shock for me.
 The problem was the upper junction of the tumour and his desire to ensure that he would get all the cancer out - thank goodness he did.  My first thoughts were - "Oh Well - I can do a join the dots road map - from my caesarian scar, to my appendix scar to my tummy scar to the drain scar to my gall bladder scar - I won't need a tattoo, I can just join up the patterns."
 My first day home - I got to see all the beautiful cards and flowers from friends displayed.  Thank you to you all for your Facebook, email, phone and card messages. It is at times like these that I appreciate the time and love you have all taken to share your prayers and care with me.

Flowers adorn my bookshelf in my room, white roses for healing from Ivan, a stunning orchid from Sergio, bright orange daisies and lillies from Graham and combining Mum's flowers with flowers from Chris & Jan, has made an amazing display.

Thank you everyone.  My first step on this journey has begun, and now I am building strength for the next step.  One I know I will deal with no matter what - I have too much to do in life and life has too much for me to enjoy.

So with a smile and JOY in my heart I am recovering slowly and healing. 

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darlin said...

Beverly you're an amazing lady! I'm so glad the surgery went well and what's a scar anyways? Heck I even have a bald spot on the back of my head from the last time I went into a grand mal seizure, I spilt my head open and they had to stitch me up. I have no recollection of this whatsoever. In the bigger picture of life it's nothing.

I love your positiveness, I can feel it all the way from here across the pond, there's lots of healing energies going on there and good for you! Try to make sure you laugh a lot as well, honestly laughter is the best medicine by far! Even if you're by yourself find something to make you laugh, youtube some comedian or something and laugh at your computer! :-)

Beautiful flowers! Take care and try not to overdo it k? Huge hugs sent your way tonight. I hope you have an amazing weekend!