Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nature healing

This post is a two-way post all about my healing, but also the amazing healing of nature.

Two years ago it began to rain around October.  This October, we are struggling in the grip of a desperate shortage of water.  How contrary is nature?  At the time, the Brisbane river began rising and for the next few months it would innundate the local parks.

Today Ivan took the girls and me for a drive to the newly refurbished and re-opened park in Barellin Point - and it is beautiful.

 New shade areas on the edge of the river are a relaxing place to sit and relax.

 The car park which was always gravel and bumpy has been neatly repaved.

 And plants and trees all over the place are thriving.
Through the next few months of my healing, I think I will take advantage of this beautiful place in nature to sit and recover, just like nature has recovered from the flood, so will I recover from my cancer and grow stronger and hopefully more beautiful and healthy on the other side of healing.


Mom said...

Well blow me down with a feather, I typed a whole lot in this box and it has gone.
So thrilled to see the park restored back to its original beauty. We will most certainly take you there as often as you want, time to sit in the quiet and reflect on life and also draw strength from it to help you fight through the next six months. like nature, you can be knocked back some days but you will fight on like this park has done. Keep your chin up sweetheart, it soon will be just another thing that has been dealt with in the amazing way you deal with most things, strong, persistent, cheerful and an author. !!

darlin said...

Beverly this is amazing, both that you are out and enjoying the healing power of nature and that the park is restored and it looks fantastic.

I love the photos you've posted and you sure are looking amazing! But I'm also going to suggest that you get a tripod and remote, it would be wonderful for family photos to have all of you in the picture... just a suggestion. You are surrounded by love, I can feel it from here and that too has tremendous healing powers in itself. You really are an amazing lady Beverly.

Oh and I'm a wee bit jealous of your beautiful weather, I want to come back to Australia until about March! No can do this year though, maybe in the future once my studies are really done with. I'm going to apply for the Masters studies and see what happens next. I must be nuts but I feel it's what I'm to do next, along with a few other things.

Take good care, huge hugs sent your way and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Hi Dorothy! :-)