Thursday, October 18, 2012

Day Ten

Today is day 10 from my surgery and I am up and dressed at 8am - huge progress.  Managed last night to lie on my side for a short while - Yippee!!!!!  It was such a big step forward and made me feel fantastic. Still slept on my back - but just having the chance to change positions was wonderful.

I had a good day yesterday. It all started on Tuesday evening when Elizabeth realised that I was not in a good space.  She decorated a lovely sponge cake for me and even brought it in with a candle for wishes and healing.  I was so sore and hot, frustrated and upset.  After a piece of cake, she offered me a bath.  My beautiful girl, ran me a shallow bath and washed me. She had bought me a fresh, new sponge and took the time to wash my feet and legs, my back and arms. Just being pampered was wonderful.  Then sitting me in the lounge, she corralled Matthew into helping her change my bed-linen - even though it was only 2 days since she had changed it.  She put the air-con on in our room and cooled everything down. Result was that on Tuesday night I slept really well. 

 Wednesday morning, we had morning tea out on the patio, cake, lemonade, fresh air, puppies playing at our feet and a game of cards.  What a delightful way to heal.
She then offered to take me to the shops for an hour to get out of the house - again a blessing.  I managed to snail-pace walk up and down the centre and enjoy looking in a few shops.  A wonderful way to exercise.

So thank you special girl for your love, thoughtfulness and time.  I love you.

So today - Day 10.  Woke up feeling so much better.  Another day on the healing trail.


darlin said...

Elizabeth is so thoughtful, you've raised an amazingly beautiful young lady Beverly and it sure shows. I'm glad to hear that you've gotten out for a bit and are on the mend, however I noticed on fb that you have another health concern. My suggestion is to stay as positive as you possibly can, which I'm sure you already are, and for sure cake for breakfast, plenty of cake! ;-)

Take care and I'll keep you in my positive thoughts. Huge hugs sent your way tonight.

Beverly said...

Darlene, I am staying positive, there is nothing that is going to get in my way to health.

Little lessons along the way will teach me the one lesson I need to learn and that is patience and acceptance.

Acceptance of help and the importance of health.

Thank you for you love and comments.