Monday, October 31, 2011

Running out of energy

My energy levels have plummeted today - I think a week of solid work and little sleep has finally caught up.

So today, we were defeated by the floorboards - the final rows, were just too short and need some fiddling and I have a bay-window in my room, which requires, some awkward cutting - so we called it a day and will finish it off tomorrow.

I am so frustrated with myself - just wanted to get the floors finished today and then the painting tomorrow - never mind we have achieved miracles in a week.

Going great guns - on a roll

Nearly there

Defeated by this small strip . . .

. . . and the Bay window

Cleo enjoyed the company in the bathroom as we stripped wallpaper

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Michelle said...

Sending Bucket Loads of Energy to you all ... hope today has been easier and that, in spite of the energy depletion, writing has flowed.