Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teenagers and 'The Look!'

I am reading a wonderful book  called Click - How to take gorgeous photos of your kids by Rachel Devine.
It has some wonderful ideas and tips and one that resonated with me, was to take your kids when they are not posed, not perfectly happy - take their mood as well as their photo.  As I was reading this Sarah stormed into the study.  I am now, not even sure what it was all about - and the best part is that I know that neither is she (now).

Well, I grabbed my camera and started clicking - here are some of the results - I am going to call them 'The Look'
It says 'Mom if you don't get that camera out of my face - I am going to  . . .

Then of course there is always the option of the total 'ignore'
 When this didn't work it was the 'cold shoulder' . . .
 And now for my favourite - the hand of frustration!

 Of course the cat scratcher might improve the look - but finally I guess . . .
 I caught that tiny little grin, that lights up the eyes - even when they are scrunched up and the mouth is hidden by the pillow.
Thank you Rachel for a great tip - I have captured not only my beautiful girl - but also some of her fiery, teenage personality.

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Mom said...

Oh these are great photos Beverly, yes we always get our kids to smile, we never ever think of taking photos of them in their moods. Well done, am sure she did laugh at the end.