Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Space

  Tonight I am sitting in My Space. Now, I do co-own with Ivan - a beautiful home on an acre of land and I love it all. But, I have a special space called my Study - it has been a craft room, a general computer room, a store-room, a scrapbooking room and even a writing room; but it has never really and truly felt like My Space.

I am however, blessed and spoilt enough to now have this amazing room for Me. Thank you Dad for helping me with the floors.
Here are some photos:
Floors laid and furniture back in the room . . .

Including this beautiful new addition - a wood & glass show cabinet to hold my treasures

My writing space - laptop, printer, scanner - all the tools needed for a writer

And a close-up of my special friends.


Ian Weatherburn said...

Wow, it looks truly stunning. Very clean and neat (at the moment!) :) Have fun!

Beverly said...

Don't be mean :) I will try and keep it this way - now the dust bunnies will be visible instead of hidden in the carpets :) Feeling so happy with it.