Friday, October 7, 2011

Follow-up to yesterday's post - The Look

Matt loves computers, in fact he lives computers.

Yesterday he got his new school IPad, so these photos reflect and show a side of Matthew that is special.
Another Rachel idea:


darlin said...

Beverly do your children get iPads from the school? What a great way to get the children to read, if they pick up the iPad when they're supposed to that is. It looks like you won't have to convince Matt to do his work at all! Do they also do homework on the iPad? I haven't grasped the concept of an iPad yet, I'll have to look into one of these I'm thinking.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Beverly said...

The school has just introduced IPad's for Grades 10-12. It did come at the cost of the annual 'ski-trip' so the kids are not impressed. Matt says he didn't want it, but now he has it, it is going to make his work at school & home easier. He types up notes as he goes along in class - really cool.

Mom said...

What a wonderful world we live in these days, mind you I asked a lady at the photo lab who was doing her photos like me. I said "What would we do withour a finger or two" She lauged but agreed. I love technology and am busy reading a book on Kindle, so cool. !!! There is one thing for sure when Granny needs help she just yells "Matthew!!!!!!, Help please"