Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Writing preparation

Today I decided to follow the example of fellow writer Michelle who is also preparing for NaNoWriMo - she cleaned her windows near her writing area - giving herself more clarity - she found a character's name while doing this :)

My study has a beautiful view of my rose garden and amazing Coral Tree, but the windows needed cleaning.  So I did them - oh my goodness - there is a whole world out there.

I also rearranged the items on my wall above my desk - treating myself to a beautiful Anne Stokes calendar and bought a crystal and amethyst star for above my desk.

Now I am ready for 50 000 words in just 12 days.  Ready, Set . . .


Ian Weatherburn said...

So awesome to have the study as your own space now and you have definitely stirred up the creative juices I am sure with what you have surrounded yourself with. Very nice Beverly. And good luck! Really looking forward to reading the fruit if your labour.

Beverly said...

Thanks Ian,
I am ready and waiting - well trying to finish off all the non-writing stuff before Nov 1st and to shut up the story inside my head - for now. It is just bubbling all inside me.
Trying to sleep, with characters chatting to each other is exhausting.