Saturday, October 22, 2011

I love my Pets - I really do?

Waking up when the clock says 4 something is really horrible - the day is just perfect at this time, sun peeking over the horizon; but looking at that clock and it says 4.56am - I want to cry.

Cleo is such a good cat, but as the sun rises, so she thinks it is time to get up.  She used to sleep on the bed with us, but after too many restless nights, she now sleeps in the bathroom en-suite.  The rest of the night she is fine - but her meows and scratching at the door in the morning are enough to drive me insane.

So, it is up to open the door, then out to feed the two dogs and let them out and feed them, bring Cleo's food to her and finally let the dogs back inside.

The joys of owning pets - hmm, let me think these are not my pets!  And guess what, the children sleep through all of this.


darlin said...

Cleo is adorable, but then again it's not me getting up so early! I'd say your children and pets both have you trained very well! :-)

MarkT said...

AH -how I understand - For years our animals woke me between five and six. Fortunately they have finally got the message 'Daddy needs more sleep' and now wake me after seven. However the clocks change next weekend and I'm sure things will change!
BTW -they all look lovely and such fun- except at such an early hour!

Beverly said...

Thanks Mark & Darlene,
And you are not kidding - I am the best trained slave in the world - it comes from Loving them all too much - if that is possible.

Beverly said...

P.S. Mark welcome to Vesta - lovely to have you along