Friday, October 28, 2011

Sorry it is late

Today's post has turned into tonight's post and you will all soon see why - I have been a little BUSY!

Yesterday I was looking around my beautiful home - preparing to pick up the floorboards to finish my bedroom this weekend and then I noticed 'another' mark on the wall - I tried wiping it, washing it - to no avail.
 "Hmm - maybe if after I have finished laying the floorboards, while the house is all a mess - I could paint?"
Now I immediately, hit myself over the head, and dropped the thought, but it kept bugging me, so I put it out to Elizabeth - she said NO, NO, NO!  And then she said - Yes, I will help you Mom.  So we went and bought the paint yesterday afternoon, came home and moved all the furniture out of the lounge and this morning we began.

Well, it is now 8.26pm and I have a fully painted lounge room which is about 8m x 5m in size. It has 2 coats of paint on the walls, the ceiling is also painted and all the furniture that was out of the room is now back in it - as well as all the dining room furniture which is prepared for tomorrow's paint.
This includes stripping the border and emptying the buffet - again - preparing all the edges with painter's tape. So here are some photos of the day - don't look at the outfits.

This is what my lounge looked like this morning

7am - Cleo keeping me company while I stripped the wallpaper border - everyone else asleep

Floors covered and room prepared for painting

Shower cap to protect my hair and a really cool top - it was so hot & humid - the paint was drying before we got down the ladder

Come home Ivan - all is forgiven - this is usually your job

Not a great look - the wall & paint is lovely

The other member of the painting beauty team :)

5.50pm - furniture back in lounge

Including dining room furniture

Removing more of that bloody wallpaper

Look at that stunning ceiling - looks like magic
Tomorrow will be Day Eight since Ivan left - in that time I have stripped the carpets from 3 rooms, laid floorboards and painted one of them. Not too bad!
What did you do last week?


Mom said...

What do you think I did this past week, as in the movie Ghost, the answer is ditto !!!
Well done girls, love the outfits, Ivan stop going away, she is killing us.

darlin said...

WOW! You're sure ambitious but does it ever look fantastic!

What I did last week, it pales in comparison to what you've accomplished... all I did was sit on my butt and research, write a 12 page paper, prepared and did a 45 minute presentation on Aboriginal women and the prison system in Canada, I wrote one exam, went to all but one class, started another essay, did a bunch of readings, have now started my presentation on Australia (thank you for the information!) tried to keep up to my blog, cleaned my house, cooked a few meals, spent time with my granddaughter 2 evenings, oh and started to fill out my application for the University of Australia. I think that about covers it, oh right and did laundry and grocery shopping... ya that about covers it... and I wonder why I'm burnt out. lol

Have a wonderful weekend and I can't thank you enough for all of the information!

Dorothy said...

Goodness me Darlin, you are as daft as Beverly, when do you girls have time to breath. Both Brian and I are so proud of both Beverly and Elizabeth and also Sarah and Matt, both of whom have been so very very sick, but still have helped. That child of mine was born with wide eyes and a pointing finger as if to say, watch it folks. So she certainly lives up to it. Good luck with all that you are trying to achieve, love to read of your progress.

Beverly said...

Darlene - you are my kind of girl -

Mom - without you feeding, shopping and looking after us all -Elizabeth and I couldn't have achieved what we have.