Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another day - 2 rooms this time!

Last night, although Elizabeth and I were tired - we decided to push on and prepare the dining room for painting this morning.  After a restless night and an early wake-up from Cleo - 4.30am - I fell back asleep and had horrible dreams, so at 7am when I awoke I wasn't in the best of moods.

Still it was a fresh day and a fresh start. 

Today's achievements have been nothing but remarkable - Elizabeth and I began in the Dining room and powered through it,  and while the first coat of paint dried in the dining room - we emptied the study - which I had only put back a couple of days ago.  When the dining room was finished - it was on to the study and by 6pm both rooms had the ceilings painted and two coats of paint on all the walls.

I also want to acknowledge my family - to my Sarah who has kept Elizabeth and I watered - cold drinks on tap, today she made us a fresh beautiful cake and tidied up with Granny.  To my Dad - thank you for working on the floorboards in Elizabeth and Sarah's cupboards - a left over chore from the last lot of laying. And to my Mom - thank you for supper - yummy mash potato and sausages - for the shopping, for the encouragement, for the tidying up and just for being you.  To Matthew, please get better sweetheart - I am worried about you. (Matt is sick with the flu & has been for over a week).

So here are some photos of the day's progress. 

Matthew out of bed for the first time in a week - pretending to help - a few hours later - he was back asleep

Oh my goodness - wish I was getting ready for the Opera - at least I looked a little smarter!

I think Elizabeth feels the same

Our beautiful girl - baking a 'perfect' cake for morning tea

Preparing the study for painting

Stripping off the border in the study

The lounge filled with furniture

What - huh!  - Not a great look - Sarah took this surprise photo of me - I love it

Half way painted

Looking like a skunk - smelling like one as well, after working in high humidity all day - great to be posting from bed - fresh and clean

Final act for the day - sitting in the driveway washing the brushes and rollers - it will be a few days before we paint our bedroom.

Thank you Elizabeth for your help: for the fun that we have had together: for the laughter we have shared: and for your hard work. You are an amazing young lady and I love you - you have a work ethic to be proud of, and you can achieve anything you dream or want - if these few days work are any indication of how you live your life.

Tomorrow we will put the house back together and then Elizabeth and I are heading to the movies. A deserved day of rest.


Julie said...

You're exhausting me....looks like fun though!

Beverly said...

Julie it is fantastic - so clean and beautiful - don't want to stop, but need to think about the writing as well.