Monday, October 24, 2011

Day Two of the Secret Renovations

Woke up early this morning, but just couldn't get motivated to get going - Matt & Sarah are really sick - so had to make a doctor's appointment for them both. Once I had made the calls I got stuck into room number two.

Under all the carpets are the nail strips - these need lifting and then the holes filling

Elizabeth insisted on getting out of her sick bed to keep helping Grandad while I took Matt & Sarah to the doctor

Mom, helping me strip the bookcases from the study

All my albums - standing on the floor

The dining room was finished by 2pm - what a great job Dad  - thanks for your help

Cleo watching us work

Again as soon as we had finished this room - we moved the next lot of furniture back to clear the next room

Re-packing the dishes

This is the one carpet I am really glad to have gone - something was spilled a few months ago and it is so stained

Then before we stopped for the day, Elizabeth and I began stipping the ugly carpet from the study
So here are the photos of Day Two - it has been so successful - I cannot believe that in just 2 days we have emptied, cleared and laid the floorboards in 2 rooms - Day Three tomorrow and the study should be complete. 

Look out for tomorrows successful day.


Ian Weatherburn said...

Amazing. Better get that studied sorted soon though. NaNoWriMo is just around the corner! :) Well done.

Mom said...

She is killing us Ian, sometimes we forget we are 73 and almost 68 !!!! Never mind it keeps us fit, shame the three kids are really sick , poor Bevelry can't win. Oh well once the kids are old enough to have wine, they will be fine like Dad and I

Beverly said...

I love your idea of the wine Mom - maybe I will just feed them some in secret.
Ian, everything has to be finished by the 28th so I can have a couple of days to get my mind ready.
At the rate we are going - it will be done in the next couple of days.

darlin said...

Well look at you Beverly, you're a pro now! The floors are stunning, I LOVE hardwood and detest carpet. It seems carpet never really comes clean, whereas a wood floor with upkeep is easy to maintain and if you can keep up to those dust bunnies it's brilliant!