Monday, October 17, 2011

A wonderful weekend

I had such a lovely weekend. 

It started on Friday with a great exercise class - boxing, stretching and just fun.
Saturday had my nails done, then my hair (see photos in previous post) and finally attended the Opera with Ivan.  It was so nice to dress-up.  The Opera was lovely, but not my favourite.  An enjoyable evening however, so that was wonderful.

Sunday morning Ivan and I headed out to get some soil, plants and other items and then gardened for a few hours.  We transplanted quite a few plants that were root-bound and planted our 10 plants from the council.  Clearing a garden bed that was overgrown - will try and get some photos today.  Then had a lovely BBQ with Mum and Dad, relaxing afternoon.

Went Cane Toad (major Australian pest) hunting in the evening and managed to catch and freeze about 30 of them. Hopefully, with a few nights collecting we will reduce the population for a while.

Today, Monday, Matt has a pupil-free day - he is heading to the city with his friends and Elizabeth, Sarh and I are going to see the Albert Hall production (movie) of the Phantom of the Opera - celebrating 25 years.

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