Sunday, October 23, 2011

Shh it is a SECRET!

Ivan is away for a month overseas and as I have done many times before - I have planned to work on a surprise for him - so if you read this and bump into him - please don't share any of the following.

We are renovating - We are stripping the carpets from the lounge, dining room, study and (hopefully my bedroom).

Here are a few photos of today's amazing progress.

The first photo was taken at 8.30am this morning. The underlay was down and the first row ready to go.

Working girl - a little different to the Opera Lady

Elizabeth and I - the tag team - working together so well

About 2pm, the room was almost finished

My Elizabeth - so sick with the flu - no voice, a sore throat and conjuctivits - but still helping

And by 3pm - all the furniture from the dining room was in the lounge on the new floor - we hadn't even paused to enjoy the fruits of our labour.
So tomorrow we will complete the floorboards in the dining room, and repack the dining room - so to all the renovator programmes - we could give every contestant a run for their money.

Remember, keep this a secret if you are talking to Ivan.


Mom said...

Ivan please please come home, at least then we don't have to work our butt off. This wife of yours is determined to kill all of us and keep you healthy. Well done guys, it looks great. Dad off to bed after watching the Rugby World Cup. At 73 not too sure how much he even saw. He always amazes me.

Beverly said...

You are both amazing - we work so well as a team - thank you - the room looks amazing - even at 4.45am this morning.